#New2YouTube Contest

March 1, 2014

Remember way back in September when we released a ton of sheet music on Loads of new tunes, even more new keys. Guy songs in girl keys, girl songs in guy keys, belter songs for sopranos, tenor songs for baritones. It was bananas. But there aren't videos of most of these new keys. Are you picking up what we're putting down?

For the next few months, we are going to run a MONTHLY video contest featuring ONE GUY SONG and ONE GIRL SONG. This is your chance to be a Youtube pioneer - and get your video featured on

How To Enter

  1. Record a video of your performance of each month's song. You can accompany yourself, you can have a friend accompany you, or you can use one of our super fancy (and free!) karaoke tracks, which we'll make available each month on our bandcamp page.
  2. Post your video on facebook or twitter with the hashtag #New2YouTube. (Remember to make sure it's a public post on facebook or we won't be able to see it.) Bonus points for any videos that have the NMT link for your chosen key in the description.

You can enter until the last day of the month, and winners are announced on the first day of the following month - along with the new songs for the next contest.

Winning videos will be featured on And to sweeten the deal, everyone who makes a video will receive a discount code for 50% one piece of K-L sheet music on NMT.

During the contest, you can get a 50% off discount on the featured #New2YouTube song of the month when you use the code New2YouTube on (If you're using that discount code, we hope you'll actually make a video and enter.) 

You can watch all #New2YouTube videos from past and current contests on YouTube.



FEBRUARY: Run Away With Me (girls) // Five And A Half Minutes (guys)
Tracy Timberlake: Run Away With Me - Female Pop
Kristin Gramza: Run Away With Me - Lower Female Pop
Sean Doherty: Five And A Half Minutes - Tenor
Chris Sapienza: Five And A Half Minutes - Baritone

Check back on May 1 to see the winning videos!