The Girl Who Drove Away

from Kerrigan-Lowdermilk LIVE
from The Mad Ones

I really don’t know what I’m doing here.
I don’t have anything to share.
I guess I’m here to explain myself.
Why I went and where.
And I guess that’s fair.

I’m only human.
I’ve made some mistakes.
I don’t think I should apologize.
We all make our own decisions.
We don’t get to make revisions.
I didn’t have a grand plan.
I don’t know why I started driving
Or where it all began.
All I know is the feeling of having to say
I’m the girl who drove away.

I have no excuse to make.
How the road was calling
Doesn’t matter at all.
How I dreamed of highways beckoning.
I forgot it was an illusion.
It led to the wrong conclusion.
I thought I proved I was strong.
But when the highway reached the ocean,
I realized I was wrong.
Standing there like a fool,
That’s the price that I pay
As the girl who drove away.

But I still feel it: 
The way the day blows across the sky,
And how the miles keep on flying by.
I swear I’d never seen this kind of deep orange sunset.
It’s almost worth the regret.

I’m not complaining.
I don’t have the right.
I have made my choice, I live with it,
But I don’t sleep at all now.
The leaves start to turn, it’s fall now.
I don’t know why I left home.
And I no longer see
Why a smart girl like me ever wanted to be
The girl who packed her bags,
And loaded her dad’s old sedan.
That desp’rate girl who ran
From the future spelled out in her DNA
From the life she deserved, and who stands here today.
The girl who drove away.

Associated Artists

Laura Osnes
Nikki M. James
Jenni Barber
Meghann Fahy
Julie Atherton