The Proposal

from Kerrigan-Lowdermilk LIVE
from The Mad Ones

Have sex with me.
Have sex with me.
In my room, I have a pack of condoms.
In the other room, I even have a bed.
Have sex with me,
And I’ll give you your own key.

Just sleep with me.
Please sleep with me.
I will make you pancakes in the morning.
And I’ll make you breakfast in bed –
Won’t you please have sex with me.
I make great Darjeeling tea.

Can’t you hear the wind out there?
Can you hear it whisper in your hair?
All the gales and gods understood:
Sex is good.
The midnight poets know
You love by choosing what it is you see.

Have sex with me.
Have sex with me.
Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow.
Maybe not tomorrow, maybe in a week.
Have sex with me.
And your dinner will be free.

Associated Artists

Sara Chase