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To buy our sheet music, go to  

For professional inquiries, contact our theatrical agent Seth Glewen at The Gersh Agency. To book concerts or master classes, contact our booking agent Rachel Zeidman at rzeidman [at] 

For most answers to most questions that you might ask, see below. If you have questions that are not answered below, email our assistant at assist [at] 




  1. Where can I buy your songs?

    You can buy our digital sheet music at You can buy our print songbook at You can buy our albums on iTunes or Amazon. Anything that is not professionally mixed and mastered, we stream from our site. These are demos and while the performances are often brilliant, they are not for sale - out of respect for the actors. We're are constantly working to create an exhaustive database of songs that we've written including video, lyrics, and mp3s when available. You can listen to or watch these videos anytime here.

  2. Do I need your permission to sing songs you wrote at vocal or thespian competitions or in my talent show?

    If you bought sheet music from us or, you don't need our permission to perform our material in educational, amateur, audition or personal contexts. If your vocal or thespian competition requires a permission slip, however, then you’re free to request one from us by emailing inquiries[at] Please allow 2 weeks turnaround – we will email you permission, which always seems to work. We are unable to fax or mail permission slips. 

  3. Will you come to my high school or college and do a master class?

    Maybe. We love working with students at high schools and colleges - talk to your professors and teachers about it. We require transportation to and from NYC and housing if it’s far away, and there's an artist fee. You can book us through our booking agent Rachel Zeidman.

  4. Can I license any of your shows?

    The only show that's currently available for license is Tales from the Bad Years. We anticipate Henry and Mudge being available for licensing in 2016 and we don't have a target date for licensing on The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown yet, but we hope we'll know more soon. In the meantime, if you are a theater company and you're interested in licensing Tales from the Bad Years, email  our agent sglewen [at] 

  5. Can I buy a prerecorded track to sing to?

    We created karaoke tracks for our first album! You can use them here for free. There are also karaoke tracks for all of the songs from our #New2YouTube contest available for free, which you can find here. Otherwise, we don't have any other karaoke tracks for any other songs including "My Party Dress." When we do, we'll tell you. 

  6. What happened to those songs that used to be on

    Do you remember when you wrote that paper in high school? You were probably a freshman. Okay, maybe a sophomore and it was, like, the best paper you ever wrote, and you were so proud. I mean, you never show your papers to your mom and you showed this one to your mom because you thought this is the kind of research that wins me the Nobel Prize some day. Then, six months later, your mom shows it to your grandmother, or worse this girl/boy you’re dating and all you can remember about that paper is that you misspelled the word relief r-e-l-e-i-f. You remember that you didn’t follow through on that line of psychoanalytic questioning that was going to some day lead you to the Nobel Prize. Do you remember that? And you were so embarrassed? And the girl/boy was like “This paper is so okay. You shouldn’t be that embarrassed.” And you’re like, “That’s not the point, I wrote this paper about Magical Realism this year that’s so much better. Read that.” And she/he’s like, “No. I read this one and it’s fine. I can tell that you’re not bad at writing papers but I don’t need to read any others.” It’s over. This is someone who you really thought you were going to kiss and now, they think you’re fine. Your life is over.

    In a less dramatic way, this is how Bree feels about the songs he wrote when he was younger. There are many songs that Kait and Bree wrote together that they don’t have on the website either. Kait and Bree don’t want you to hear a song on the website and be like “Eh. It’s fine but I don’t need to hear another.” So they err on the side of too little.