#New2YouTube Contest Returns with "Ghost Light"

November 5, 2015

On October 27, Alice Ripley premiered the song "Ghost Light" at the Lincoln Center Originals concert. Now, the sheet music is officially available - which means it's time for another edition of #New2YouTube! 

Here's a refresher on how to enter: 

  1. Download the sheet music from in the original key, the high belt key, or the alto key (as performed by Alice Ripley). Men, you can enter the contest, but you'll have to sing it in one of those keys! 
  2. Find an accompanist or download one of our karaoke tracks
  3. Record a video of yourself performing the song. 
  4. Post your video on YouTube and share it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #New2YouTube.

The contest is open until November 29. After that, the winning videos will be displayed on alongside the video of Alice Ripley! 

PLUS: from now until November 29, all keys of "Ghost Light" will be available on NMT for only $1. In exchange for that awesome deal, we hope you'll return the favor and make your own video. 

Happy singing!