For No Apparent Reason

You say that I’m the kind of girl who tries too hard.
And I admit it’s sort of true.
I find it difficult to let myself relax,
Let things slip through the cracks,
Lighten up – I try to.

You laugh at me when I take things a step too far.
You laugh, but then you do it too.
What else would make you say
That I’m your favorite part of the day?
That’s too far. That’s not true.

When there’s dawn and dusk and midnight
And a world of skies we’ll never see
Giant redwoods, lots of things
That overwhelm a girl like me.
Though I try, I can’t compete with sky.
I will never outshine any moon.
Any midnight you might compare me with
Could convert even someone like you.
But the strangest part about it is how satisfied you seem.
‘Cause for no apparent reason you love me.

You say it’s simple. You say you loved me all along.
You say I should stop wondering why you still care.
It’s no use.

You’ll be there to share every dawn and midnight
And each Sunday morning drinking chai.
We’ll see wonders everywhere.
I know I can’t compare but I can try.
I will try to outshine every sun.
And I’d fly higher than any bird
If just wishing could get the job done.
But the part I can’t get over is how satisfied you seem.
And I hope I never wake up from this dream,
That for no apparent reason
Or at least none I can see
That for no apparent reason
You love me.
You love me. 

Associated Artists

Kate Shindle
Felicia Finley