I Confess

from Henry and Mudge

Sweet lady, all my heart is yours.
I’d give you all my bones.
Sweet lady, how I crave your smell.
And gladly I’d kill for you,
Die for you.
I would give my life.

But I confess
I snuck into the house and stole a lacey sock,
A certain lacey sock that matched a lacey dress.
Yes, I did it.
So, I did it.
I confess.

And I confess
I took the sock into the yard and buried it.
I dug and buried it beside your shiny belt.
Yes, I hid it.
So, I hid it.
And it felt good!
So good!
To steal the lacey sock from underneath the chair
Requires flair, discretion and finesse.
I have more flair than any other dog you’ll own
For I have known the smell of sweet success.
Yes! I hid it.
Where I hid it you won’t guess.

Oh I confess
The lacey sock is buried by the wishing well.
It’s by the wishing well.
It’s buried over there!
So you’ll take it.
Go and take it if you dare.
But be aware:
I will be there.
Where there’s a sock under a chair.
I shall return, ear to the ground, nose in the air.
And when you reach for socks they won’t be there!

Associated Artists

Randy Blair
Zach Altman