Someone Else's Life

Cut from Tales From The Bad Years.

Just six more months.
What’s six more months?
What’s half a year of chopping up tomatoes?
But more than that,
It’s six more months
Of praying a fire will destroy my father’s restaurant.
See, I don’t even call it mine
‘Cause that’s where I have drawn the line.
I’d walk out the door right now
If there only were a way to rewind.
I’d walk out the door and not look back,
If there were any way to leave myself behind.
Give me someone else’s life.
Switch me with some other jerk
‘Cause I’m tired of making semi-Turkish food.
Give me someone else’s life.
Don’t ask me to de-vein this prawn
‘Cause I won’t be here, I’ll be long gone
With someone else’s job,
Someone else’s dad,
Someone else’s shitty day.
As long as it’s someone else’s life.

I know I should be grateful.
My sous chef says my life is great.
But that’s compared to fleeing Guatemala.
It’s not so bad.
It’s only the most boring profession in the whole entire world.
It isn’t dangerous or badass and it isn’t even fun. No.
Give me someone else’s life.
Six months then another six.
I’ll be eighty and I’ll still be mixing dough.
But in someone else’s life,
I’d take charge of the way things went.
I could make a choice if heaven sent me
Someone else’s spine,
Someone else’s brain,
Someone else’s caustic ball and chain,
Someone else’s will,
Someone else’s friends.
Give me all the twists and bends.
Give me someone else’s life.

I’d walk out the door right now.
I would do it if I thought it would matter.
I’d storm out and slam the goddamn door
If there were something to want,
Something I knew.
There’s nothing that I want to do.
I need a change in point of view. Oh,
Give me someone else’s life.
This one isn’t working out
‘Cause I’m finished with my eagle scouting days.
Anybody else’s life.
Sign me up on the dotted line.
Be it spy or crook.
It’s all cloud nine with
Someone else’s house,
Someone else’s bed,
Someone else’s inside of their head.
Someone else’s dog,
Someone else’s strife,
Someone else’s kitchen knife.
Someone else who knows what he has left to give.
Someone who won’t dream of living someone else’s life.

Associated Artists

Telly Leung
Steven Booth
Dennis Moench
Matt Cavenaugh