Close Call

from Republic

I almost fell.
I almost gave in.
We argued like lovers.
I almost let him win.
But he was just short of perfect,
Or else I was too tall.
I see it clearly now.
It was a close call.

I know when something’s bound to end.
I don’t have illusions.
I know when it’s pretend.
But nothing ever prepared me
For wanting someone’s touch.
I never wanted more.
Now I want too much.

I never should have given him the time of day.
I should have glared at him good when he looked my way.
Instead like any bloody fool, I lost my head.
I fell for the sound of the words he said.
And the dreams I had,
The beliefs I held,
I almost lost ‘em all
To the way my heart swelled when he smiled -

And for a while,
I’d almost forget
That when you’re courting trouble,
You’re asking for regret.
‘Cause when he held me ‘til morning,
The troubles felt so small.
Perspective went away.
God! What a close call!

You live and learn
Or the fault’s your own.
So I’ll take a breath,
And I’ll dry my eyes,
And I’ll turn my heart to stone.

I’ll learn to live my life alone.
No other man ever moved me.
Now no man ever will.
‘Cause if I ever did feel something close to love,
I’ll never tell.
No one will know
I almost fell.


Associated Artists

Sutton Foster
Laura Osnes
Catherine Porter